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Many people will tell you that judging a book by its cover is bad, but when it comes to small businesses, the first impression is important. Regardless of the type of business you run, the opinion of customers on it will start when they step near the front door. If your workspace is welcoming, you will have a good chance of building a good client relationship.

The design of most modern offices demands your workspace to reflect branding, vision and personality of the whole company. That also applies to your waiting area or lobby. All the clients who walk through your front door should get the right first impression when examining the texture, layout and the reception area flow.

A quality custom wood desk forms the reception area centrepiece and it will invite guests immediately while informing them of the services to expect. Here are some of the reasons why the office reception and entrance cleaning highly matters.

Communicates the culture and aesthetics of your business

The guests in your reception area will mostly find themselves alone for several minutes or even an hour. It is a good idea to invest in branded design, good room layout and flow. That way, you will give them the right impression.

Whether you value creativity, innovation, elegance or tradition, you should work hard to reflect the message in the reception area’s design and the work desk. A clean office will demand attention.

That is why office reception cleaning is vital to any workplace.

A clean front office will enhance better employee mindset

A welcome from the organised reception area will boost the mood and mindset of your employees. It will also establish a good sense of identity for the workplace and remind your employees that they are part of something important and big.

When organising the reception area, you should keep in mind that receptionists are busy people because they have to manage thousands of things. Having a larger area for them to organise their materials is important and helpful. The large space will also make the office appear professional.

Your design budget will offer more

One of the things that most office planners overlook is an investment in higher traffic areas like the reception area. In fact, the reception area is among those that can help increase the returns of your company.

A durable reception desk and good-looking flooring will bring out the wow factor and ensure that the reception area does not fall into disrepair state consistently.

Remember that less is more in the reception area. The trends will change constantly so you have to stick with simplistic modern furnishings that will communicate the message of your business for many years.

Professional and personal image

A cluttered front office space will affect your professional image negatively. For starters, clutter will prove to your clients and the coworkers that you are a disorganised person. If keeping the front desk tidy is a hard job to you, then how would they entrust you to handle the many details of their account?

As a professional, you should take pride in your job and that includes how you organise your workspace. Remember that a clean work environment will increase productivity and it will be easier to finish tasks and to find anything that you want.

When a client visits your business, they will see your organisation as a reflection of who you are, the seriousness in your business in addition to your professionalism.

Business image

The cleanliness of the front office will reflect your entire company. If you have not landed any client, you should start making a good impression on the potential customers, including those who have visited the office recently.

Dirty dishes, clutter, disorganised desk and overflowing trashcans will send a bad message to the potential clients. People will see you as an overwhelmed person or someone lacking in professionalism. And do not kid yourself because clients know that it is hard to work efficiently in dirty, disorganised or cluttered environments.

A messy office will influence them to question your prioritisation on tasks. They need people who can handle their accounts and concerns faster and efficiently.

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At Blanca Clean Services, we will help you make your reception area sparkling clean. A build-up of dust, pollen and lint in the reception area will cause breathing hazards for the workers and clients. If your employees put their dishes away or dump the wrappers in the dustbin, they will attract many pests.

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