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In spring, you’re most likely to find your home dusty. Take this time at home to do some spring cleaning to keep everything spic and span and your home dust-free.

While it’s necessary to call a cleaning service in Northern Virginia to tend to harder-to-clean parts of your house, you can easily do some of the following yourself:

1. Vacuum Often

To prevent the buildup of dust, it is important to vacuum often.

Try to vacuum once or twice a week to prevent dust from building up and then making it harder to remove later on.

Remember that dust is something that is difficult to see, so be thorough with your vacuuming.

Trust me, there is dust there, and you are getting rid of it! Also, replace your filters every so often as well to keep your vacuum cleaner happy!

2. Use a Microfibre Cloth

Ever since these cloths became the fashion, they made cleaning dust so much easier!

A bit more expensive than paper towels and normal wipes, but trust me that they are a godsend. With a simple wipe, they will remove dust with ease!

They can also polish your cutlery quite effectively and be used to clean your windows. Not only that, but they can be easily cleaned, dried and reused.

3. Seal Up Cracks

A lot of the dust comes from the outside as air circulates into your home. To prevent this, seal up some visible cracks that can be found around door frames and window frames.

4. Maintain the humidity of your home.

Keeping the humidity level of your home at around 50% will reduce the static electricity that keeps dust stuck to surfaces. This will also make it easier to clean and remove later on.

5. Change your air filters

Changing your air filters is a great way to reduce the accumulation of dust.

If you run a central heating or cooling system or even use an aircon, changing the air filters once in a while will help keep dust out of your house!

6. Get an Air Purifier

Similar to above, it is about getting the dust out of the air. An air purifier takes in the air in the room and filters the dust out of it.

These are great for people who are sensitive or allergic to dust but remember that these only work for the room they’re placed in, so consider getting more than one.

7. Clear your Clutter

This one is self-explanatory and quite obvious. The more things you have, the more dust you will have.

So by cleaning up your room and removing clutter, it makes it so much easier for you to access the dust and prevents dust build up in general.

Bring back the sparkle

Ah! Cleaning might be the most eye rolling and tedious chore you have to do.

There are so many nooks and crannies to get into, and there’s always a spot or two you end up missing.

However, you can ensure your house sparkles by hiring house cleaners in Northern Virginia from a company like Blanca Clean Services.

Blanca Clean Services is changing the way people in Northern Virginia buy home services.

Cleaning day will be a highlight of your week when you book home cleaning services in Northern Virginia that come to you at a time and date you need.

So now you’ve freed up your weekend, what are you going to do with all that extra time?