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How Often Should You Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service?

Sometimes, the need for a professional house cleaning service is not as obvious as you would think. On the surface, everything looks good but what lies underneath is often a different story.

Nonetheless, many homeowners do their best to keep a clean and tidy home, all the while balancing a job and taking care of a family. This is one of the reasons why it isn’t surprising that they sometimes fall short of their own expectations.

Meanwhile, in other households, homeowners become accustomed to concealing a mess behind closed doors, or not going beyond the surface to truly clean a space; these are only two of many reasons why the need for a professional cleaning service is a must!

So, now that we established the need for one, the next question is “how often should you hire a professional house cleaning service?”

Read on to determine when your home should be cleaned professionally, and why it’s important

Is Your House Cleaned Every Day?

Even minimal house cleaning on a daily basis is better than nothing! Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the time or energy in the day to do this, leaving the house to accumulate dust, dirt, and the likes.

Of course, if measures are taken to prevent dragging dirt into your home every day, perhaps, a weekly clean by a professional house cleaning service will suffice in maintaining a desirable level of cleanliness.

In homes where cleaning is more or less unheard of, you should enlist the help of a professional house cleaning service to come in at least twice a week to get the house neat and tidy.

Bear in mind that many house cleaners can be booked for one-time-only appointments; these are important to schedule for when you haven’t had any time to clean your house.

How Many Household Members Are There?

It goes without saying — a small household with fewer members is a lot easier to keep clean and healthy. This is because there is less foot traffic while there aren’t many people going outside and tracking dirt back inside.

Apart from this, bigger families (especially those with young kids) tend to have more cluttered and messy homes because there is always so much going on!

Whether it’s toys and books on the floor or piles of clothing scattered around the place, more house members equal more mess!

One would think that having a large family would entail each member actively working together to keep the house clean; however, school and work schedules don’t always permit regular house cleaning and chores. This is when you know a weekly cleaning by a professional house cleaning service the need of the hour!

Are You Maintaining Good Home Hygiene?

Maintaining a healthy home is critically important if you want to keep viruses and illnesses at bay.

This means merely cleaning your house is not enough to ensure good hygiene; proper sterilisation, on the other hand, will.

Household surfaces and frequently touched spots will require disinfection using EPA-approved products or a reliable disinfectant (follow the instructions on the bottle when using such products).

Keep in mind that germs lie dormant in many areas of a house, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Some of the most common areas/surfaces that are considered to be ‘germ hotspots’ include carpets, upholstery, mattresses, toilet bowls, sinks, faucets, and doorknobs.

Very few people take the trouble to sanitize these areas which are necessary for good home hygiene and therefore, choose to hire recurring professional house cleaning service to do the needful for them!

Especially during a global pandemic such as covid-19, keeping your home safe and hygienic is a must.

Have You Deep Cleaned Your Home Lately?

A thorough deep clean of your home such as spring cleaning must be carried out every year; have you skipped this year, or other years in the past?

Well, it’s not uncommon to hear that homeowners avoid giving their living spaces more than just a basic clean because deep cleaning is a time-consuming and draining affair. In fact, for the average homeowner, deep cleaning an entire house generally requires a whole weekend (if not more than two days).

On the other hand, an experienced cleaning service in Northern Virginia will be able to get the job done in a matter of hours. This is because cleaning companies typically send a team of house cleaners to the property, fully equipped with professional tools and products which aid in deep cleaning homes quickly and more efficiently.

So, to ensure that your house is truly clean and sanitary, consider scheduling an annual deep clean by a professional house cleaning service.

Is a Messy House Causing You Mental Stress?

Numerous studies show the correlation between stress and living in an untidy home. Some may not realise it but part of their anxiety and mental stress may be triggered by clutter in the house, dusty and dirty surfaces, and an overall messy room.

It should also be noted that many individuals are less motivated to clean or do chores when they are stressed out.

This is when you need a professional house cleaning service who will come in at least once or twice a week to clean and tidy up the place. The reassurance of hiring a house cleaner to do the work you are not in a position to do can help reduce stress and leave you feeling a lot more relaxed.

In fact, it gives you more time to yourself — a privilege only few experience with today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

Do You Entertain Often?

Making a good impression on guests with a beautifully-kept home is important to many people. It boosts one’s self-esteem and confidence while improving the host’s social skills.

If you enjoy having friends and family over on the weekends, or dinner parties every now and then, you probably do your bit to keep the place neat and tidy. With that said, a truly satisfactory clean to the point where your home is spotless requires a lot more time than one can typically spare.

The solution, of course, lies in finding a professional house cleaning service that will help you stun guests with an immaculately clean home from top to bottom!

Best of all, you needn’t commit to a recurring house cleaning service; instead, all you need to do is schedule an appointment as and when you require the service.

Most cleaning companies will ask for a day’s notice while others offer instant bookings and same-day appointments.

Does Your Budget Allow More Than a One-Time Service?

Perhaps, one of the first things you will need to think about when considering how often you should hire a professional house cleaning service is your budget.

Today, you can find a large number of home cleaning services ranging from cheap to expensive; however, you should know that companies who offer lowly-priced services often provide less than satisfactory results, and are also known to hire unscreened house cleaners.

For anyone on a tight budget, a good, affordable house cleaning service can be hired on a priority basis instead of regular cleaning visits.

Take a look at your home and identify the problem areas; for example, if you need help with cleaning bathrooms, deep cleaning kitchen cabinets, or just dusting furniture and cleaning the floors, you can pay a professional an hourly fee to have your specific cleaning needs met within your budget.

When it comes to hiring a professional house cleaning service, there are, and always will be, more reasons than one as to why it is important to do so.

With that said, determining how often you need your home cleaned professionally will depend on yours and your home’s unique needs.

Be sure to use the information and guidance above to make an informed decision!