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Hiring a professional house cleaning service will not only boost the number and value of offers you receive for a house but it will help differentiate you from the competition.

Here are additional reasons to hire a professional house cleaning service:

You Know You Ain’t Gonna Do It!

As a real estate agent you live on the run – going from one location to another, sometimes with minimal notice. But most of all your job is to facilitate the buying and selling of your clients’ property.

Hiring people to do what they are good at keeps you focused on your job. A professional cleaner is skilled at the job of cleaning as you are at the job of buying and selling real estate.

Your Photographer Is Only There To Take Pictures

While most photographers are obsessed with the visual of their subject matter they are only there to take snaps of your product – the home for sale.

Photographers work with what is placed in front of them. You place a messy, cluttered and dirty product you get a messy looking place. So don’t depend on the photographer to tidy up for you. Instead, hire a house cleaning service to help stage the home in the best possible light with a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Means Different Things To Different People

Recall your old slobby college roommate whose cleaning standards were radically different from your?

The guy who shoved Chinese takeout containers under the bed and called that “tidying up”? Well, that slob likely hasn’t changed his cleaning standards now that he is all grown up.

Do you want to depend on his standards when showing a home? If you do, you’ve just lost at least 80% of your clientele. A professional house cleaning service ensures that industry clean standard are met and that you won’t have any nasty surprises at the end.

Show The Big Picture!

Most messy homes for sale and rent are limited to only showing the best views of the home to prospective buyers. Selective showcasing is often done to hide clutter, smallness and mess. Having a professional house cleaning service gives more to show, not limiting your visuals to the few clean and uncluttered parts of the home.

Strengthen Your Brand And Increase Referrals – Give A House Cleaning Gift

Giving the gift of clean is a thoughtful way to give your clients 2 gifts in one. Not only is the clients getting a clean home but they’re also getting the gift of time; a precious resource in these hectic days.

There are studies illustrating that gifts of experiences, like a house cleaning service, create more happiness than gifts of things.

In addition, giving your clients a house cleaning gift certificate extends your brand in their mind; your clients will likely use the gift certificate several weeks after they settle in so when they call Blanca Clean Services to book their appointment you will pop up in their consciousness again!

You will have solved their problems twice; selling their home and now solving their cleaning problem!

Giving the gift of house cleaning gift cards is a key differentiation and sets you apart as an agent who not only cares about the product but wants to ensure his / her clients gets good bang for their bucks. This is a sure-fire way to increase referrals for you.

Make More Money!

And lastly, a professionally cleaned home increases the number and value of offers for a home.

Getting a professional house cleaning service will help real estate pros sell the home faster and at a higher price thereby ensuring a very good return on investment.

Furthermore, giving the gift of house cleaning service as a homecoming gift strengthens your brand, differentiates you from other brokers/agents, wows your clients and greatly increases the chances of referrals.

If you just plain want our Blanca Clean Services team to come on over and clean for you, we would be happy to do so. Just email us at [email protected] or use our web form here.