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Professional House Cleaners Northern Virginia

Finding the right house cleaner can be a daunting task. After all, you are inviting someone into your home with the expectation that they will care for it as if it were their own.

Will they clean as well as you do? Are they using products that they would use around their own children or pets?

If you are thinking about hiring an independent contractor to clean your home, keep in mind that many don’t have the right tools or skills to clean your home as safely or efficiently as a professional house cleaning service in Northern Virginia. An independent cleaner may not be trained in how to prevent incidents like spilled cleaners or a broken vase.

Hiring professional house cleaners means that you are hiring a team of experts who have all been trained on the best practices for cleaning and safety. They know how to get your home looking its very best.

Let’s take a look at how professional house cleaners use their training to ensure your home is a safe place for your family and is thoroughly, exceptionally cleaned every time.

They Know the Difference Between Clean and Hygienic

Have you considered the difference between a clean home and a hygienic one? There is a difference.

Cleaning is the idea of removing unwanted matter from your home. It means there’s no clutter, and everything is in its proper place. Making a space hygienic, though, is the concept of sanitizing your home to remove germs and viruses. And during cold and flu season, this can make a big difference for your family.

When you hire the professional house cleaners at Blanca Clean Services, you can trust that they are trained in the best techniques to clean your home and prevent the spread of illness. This also means you are working to keep your family healthier, even during flu season. We know which products to use—and how—to eradicate unwanted bacteria and viruses.

You may not have heard the term fomites before, but you’re probably familiar with the concept. Fomites are the hard surfaces that are contaminated with infectious germs. They are high-traffic areas that are frequently touched, and they act as a mechanism to transport germs from person to person.

They include things like doorknobs, light switches, faucet handles, handrails, countertops and even your fridge door handle.

A professional cleaning service in Northern Virginia won’t just focus on ridding your home of clutter and mess. They also will sanitize your home using the right products and techniques to kill bacteria and viruses so that your family stays well.

They Research Cleaning Products

You’ve read the reports: Mixing bleach and ammonia can prove to be deadly. But these are two very common household cleaning agents. Do you know what other combinations of cleaning products could be dangerous in your home?

It can be daunting to use any cleaning products once you’ve heard the horror stories. How do professional house cleaners prevent these kinds of dangerous disasters? How can they be completely sure that the products they are using are safe for your family and that they are using them in the right way?

Most professional house cleaners, like our staff at Blanca Clean Services, have been trained to read Safety Data Sheets, or SDSs, to adequately research the products we use.

SDSs cover the physical properties of each cleaning product. They educate professional house cleaners on things like the flashpoint and safe storage techniques and even provide information on how to handle things like spills or a splash of cleaning product in the eye. They help make cleaning products safer for us to use in your home.

And if it’s dangerous for a particular product to be used alongside another? The SDS will include that information in detail. No need to worry about a bleach-ammonia disaster.

The products your professional cleaning service in Northern Virginia uses matter because they directly impact your family. This is why we use only safe household cleaners. Some cleaning products can cause respiratory issues and even lung damage, which is why your safety is so important to us as professional cleaners.

Just like we don’t want to expose ourselves to the wrong combination of products, we don’t want to expose you, your children or your pets to them either. We believe a professional housecleaning should be as safe as it is productive. That’s why we always check SDSs for every product we use—because your health matters to us.

They Learn to Prevent Accidents

Professional cleaning services train their staff on the proper techniques to prevent injury or damage to your property while they clean your home. This means we learn to prevent slips and falls, we learn to avoid climbing injuries and chemical spills, and we learn how to protect ourselves and our clients from respiratory issues.

At Blanca Clean Services, we learn how to do everything in our power to prevent unwanted incidents while we are cleaning your home.

Yes, we are fully bonded and insured with a comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance plan. This means you would never be liable in the event of one of our team members getting injured, and you would never be responsible for any damage that happens.

We learn how to prevent damage to your most prized possessions while we are cleaning. It’s how we can care for your home as if it were our own.

They Undergo Thorough Training

Another reason to work with professional house cleaners? We learn all the best techniques to clean efficiently, not just safely. We have specialized tricks and systems in place to clean and sanitize your home in record time.

This means we don’t just focus on which products to use or on getting your home beautifully clean, but we also train on how to do so quickly. This means you can move on with your day and spend time in your freshly cleaned home. Professional house cleaners know how to use these strong household cleaners without damaging your home.

At Blanca Clean Services, residential cleaning is something we take very seriously because we know your home is your safe space. We are all about you. This is why every one of our team members is trained on how to clean to match our high standards to uphold our reputation in Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, Mclean, Herndon, Chantilly, Aldie, and all of Northern VA.

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