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Getting Kids Involved with House Cleaning in NOVA

Having a hard time keeping the house clean?

How much of that has to do with your kids? Take a look around. Is your house’s clutter mostly comprised of toys, games, and the kid’s shoes not put away?

If your answer is yes, you might need to up your game. It’s difficult to get kids to clean, of course, so you need to devise a plan to get them in the habit.

Thankfully, there are some sure-fire ways to get your kids to not only clean your NOVA home, but to also keep it that way.

Getting Kids Involved with House Cleaning in NOVA

Make a Game Out of It

The easiest way to get kids to clean without any whining? Make them forget it’s a chore in the first place.

Challenge your kids to little games and contests as you work, like:

  • Who can fold the most socks?
  • Who can put the dishes away without breaking any?
  • Who can pick the prettiest weed as we clean up the garden?

Another fun one is to turn the dirty laundry hamper into a basketball net. For every dirty shirt that makes it into the hamper, a point is awarded!

Plan Ahead

Planning is the key to get to kids to clean, and there are tons of ways to create one.

You could devise a chore chart, in which each kid is responsible for certain things throughout the day or week.

That way, their work has a limit, and they know that once they’ve reached it they’re done for the day.

If chore charts don’t work for you, try a chore timer instead. This is how it works.

You decide what needs to get done most. When it comes time to clean, set a timer for however long you think it’ll take.

Show the kids the timer and let them know that once it goes off they’re done.

Everyone Loves a Reward

While some parents scoff at the idea of using a reward system, it can actually be a great incentive tool to get your kids in the habit of staying tidy.

One option is to include chores as a necessity before your kids are granted their allowance.

The reward doesn’t have to be monetary, though. You can reward them with a trip to the movies, or their favorite cookies, or a walk in a nearby NOVA park or playground.

Some parents have even used tokens as a reward system. Once your kid earns enough tokens, you can take them to the store to redeem them for whatever he or she wants.

The Magic of the Clutter Basket

Another creative solution to get kids to clean is Joanna Gaines’ clutter basket idea.

She keeps clutter baskets at strategic locations throughout the house, and the kids know to throw their toys there once they’re done playing with them.

That way, the house stays clutter-free. They only have to clean up once instead of being responsible all day to put things in their proper place.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Regardless of which method you use to get your kids to clean, the key is that you keep it consistent.

New research shows that it takes more than two months to create a habit if the activity is done consistently.

Can you keep your kids doing their chores for two months straight? If so, they’ll be well on their way to keeping up the habit for the rest of their lives.

Get Your Kids Involved with House Cleaning in NOVA!

Are your kids just too resistant to get in the habit of staying clean? Don’t worry, getting your kids to regularly keep things clean is a process, and it’ll take time.

In the meantime, hire a professional cleaning service in NOVA to keep your Northern Virginia home looking great while you teach them.

It’ll reinforce the benefits of having a clean home and take tons of stress off your shoulders!

If you are looking for a little extra help, contact our team!