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Do you feel your professional office cleaners aren’t giving your business the attention it deserves?

Are you noticing that housekeeping tasks appear rushed or were skipped entirely? If so, it’s probably time to find new professional office cleaners.

For a thriving business, you depend on your cleaning crew to keep your retail and office spaces looking their best.

A thorough cleaning is an investment in the future and financial wellbeing of your company. Here are five signs that it’s time to find new professional office cleaners for your retail space.

How to Know When It’s Time for a New Cleaning Company

1. Your Carpets Appear Excessively Worn

Carpets that appear excessively worn are a subtle sign that your cleaning crew isn’t supplying a high level of service.

While carpets do wear out over time due to traffic and usage, they will also look worn when there’s a lot of grit and dirt in the carpet fibers.

The accumulation of grime, dust, and debris causes your carpets to reflect light differently, looking discolored and dirty.

Your carpets shouldn’t be dirty if you’re using a professional cleaning team.

If they are, it’s time to hire a new team who will spend the proper amount of time and have the proper expertise to maintain your carpets so that they look their best.

2. There’s a Build-Up of Dirt in Hard-to-Reach Places

Take a glance at the tops of your ceiling fans, your window sills, the corners of your rooms, the air vents, and any other areas that are difficult to reach or cumbersome to clean.

If you notice a build-up of dust and dirt, this is a strong indication that your cleaning team isn’t regularly cleaning them or is doing a poor job.

Hard-to-reach spaces usually require additional time and specialized equipment for proper cleaning.

One of the advantages of hiring a pro cleaning crew in Northern VA is that they have the knowledge and supplies to clean these tricky areas.

If the cleaning crew is skipping tasks that are “hard” or “time consuming,” it’s time to hire new professional office cleaners that will give your whole store or business space the attention it deserves.

3. Your Windows are Dirty

Do you notice a lot of streaks on your windows or does the interior of your store appear darker than usual?

This could mean that they aren’t receiving thorough washing.

Windows that have dirt and grime on them can obscure natural light, so it can’t penetrate your store’s interior spaces. Keeping your windows clean is a simple way to enhance the appearance of your interior.

4. There’s Excessive Clutter

While your cleaning crew won’t reorganize your entire business, they can dispose of specific types of clutter and put items back where they belong.

If you notice that many things are out of place or that there’s a pile of items that don’t belong in a space, you need new professional office cleaners with stronger attention to detail.

You shouldn’t arrive to discover that your trash and shred bins are overflowing instead of being empty and ready for the day.

Likewise, the office supplies at each station should be neatly placed instead of scattered around the station or placed haphazardly.

5. Your Cleaning Crew Arrives Late or Leaves Early

When you arranged for your cleaning services, you agreed to a schedule that your cleaning crew should adhere to, barring exceptional circumstances.

If you arrive at your store or office and notice that the cleaning crew has left early or see at the end of the day that the team hasn’t arrived at your agreed-upon time, this is often a sign that it’s time for a new cleaning crew.

A cleaning team that isn’t following a set schedule is likely skimping on the level of service that they provide to their clients.

They may be rushing specific cleaning tasks or neglecting some items entirely.

An experienced cleaning company in Northern VA knows how to accurately estimate how long a task should take and will spend the allocated time on each task before moving to the next item on your cleaning list.

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