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Our 2024 DIY Guide To Clean & Organize Your Office Like A Pro

Did you know that clean and organized office spaces increase productivity?

As we start the year and everyone is getting back into office life, it’s a great time to think about your office space and consider ways of keeping it tidy.

Once you’ve got your office space sorted out, maintaining an organized space is much easier.

Things like filing systems or labelling where things belong help your staff know where everything goes and help keep your office space clear of clutter and clean.

Apart from the organization, keeping up your office cleaning routines is vital, especially with ¨bugs¨ still predominant in our society.

Routine cleaning helps to keep your staff as germ-free as possible, eliminating sick days and keeping morale high.

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2024 DIY Guide To Clean & Organize Your Office Like A Pro

Whether you’re running a solo home office or a larger corporate office, the concepts of office organization are the same.

Here are our top tips for organizing your office like a pro:

1. Declutter – Look around your office space for things you haven’t touched in ages, from staplers to broken chairs or computers and everything in between.

Get rid of all the items that are cluttering your space.

2. Rehome – If you’ve got items hanging around your desk or office area that should have a home (i.e. you’ve forgotten to put them back or can’t be bothered!), put them away.

These may include files you no longer need, excess stationery that belongs in a cupboard, excess coffee cups and more.

3. Zone – Create work zones in your office space, such as desks for working, reference areas for files, bookcases etc., and supply areas for items like pens, paper, etc.

Zoning your space makes it feel organized and less cluttered with too many things around you.

4. Label – There’s nothing better than a labelling machine!

Use it to mark where items need to go to give yourself and your staff a visual clue (and a reminder) to put things back where they belong.

5. Filing – Whether you’re fully online (paperless), or run an office with paper files, create a system (or a process) that asks staff to routinely organise or put away files (e.g. last thing on Friday).

This includes online files that may need to be moved to the correct folders.

6. Clear – Remove anything you don’t need on your desk, from scribbled sticky notes to pens running out of ink and more.

This encourages people to ¨see¨ their desk space and wipe it down to clean it.

If you have professional cleaners in Northern Virginia, you can make it a process where staff must clear their desks before a specific time to allow the cleaners to do their job thoroughly.

7. Organize – A desk drawer is one of the most unorganized places in an office!

Take a look in your drawers at how many items you’ve stored away to get them off your desk.

Clean them out routinely and encourage your staff to do the same.

Make it a habit, so you don’t fill them back up the next time you clear your desk!

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Our top tips for cleaning your office space like a Pro

Once your office space is organized, and everything has a place, it’s time to reassess your cleaning schedule.

Many companies hire professional cleaners like Blanca Clean Services to come at least once a week for a thorough clean.

This ensures desks, kitchen areas and bathrooms are all cleaned to a high standard. Floors are also vacuumed, and wet areas are mopped to keep your space clean.

In between professional cleans, there are many ways you can encourage your staff to keep their space clean.

1. Sanitize – If the past few years have taught us anything, hand sanitizing is essential.

Have hand sanitizer readily available and encourage staff to use it, especially if they share items around the office.

2. Wipe down – Provide cleaning wipes for staff to regularly clean their desk, keyboards and phone.

Doing this helps to keep the levels of bacteria to a minimum, keeping your staff healthy.

3. Wash dishes – Ask your staff to handle their own dish cleaning.

Nothing clutters up an office kitchen more than an accumulation of empty cups and plates in a sink.

A note was once spotted in an office kitchen – ¨please do your dishes today; your mum took the day off!¨.

4. Clean spills – It will happen from time to time that people will spill drinks while at their desks.

Have spare towels on hand to help them clean up spills quickly to prevent the carpet from soaking up the liquid and becoming a breeding ground for mould.

5. Shoe mats – At the entrance to your office, have mats that encourage people to wipe their feet or, at a minimum, are rough to walk over.

Carpets become dirty in high-traffic areas like office spaces (and need regular cleaning).

So to prevent some dirt from piling up in your carpets, shoe mats work wonders.

We are on hand to help you with all your professional office cleaning needs

At Blanca Clean Services, our team are the experts in office cleaning, especially when it comes to keeping your space as germ-free as possible.

From regular office cleaning (desk sanitizing, kitchens, bathrooms, vacuuming etc.) to carpet and window cleaning, chat with us about your needs.

So, start decluttering, then give us a call for professional, thorough office cleaning to start 2024 in the best state it’s ever been.

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