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Learn How To Deep Cleaning Home Like Professional Cleaners

Since the onset of COVID-19, one of the most important topics that have come about is hygiene. However, with the news of vaccines coming to light comes the news that there are new variants.

Personal hygiene goes a long way at this stage, including necessary measures like washing your hands, wearing a face mask and using hand sanitisers while outdoors.

Those measures go a long way in helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus along with a slew of other illnesses.

What about cleanliness measures that can be taken when you’re indoors? What is the best possible way to clean in such a way that will ensure you and your loved ones will be protected against the virus and other germs?

Helpful Tips And Tricks For Deep Cleaning Home Like Professional Cleaners:

deep cleaning home

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Don’t overlook shared devices

While most people have their own smartphone, many families still have common devices that they share. These can turn into germ hotspots if you’re not careful.

When cleaning, pay attention to computer keyboards, controllers of game consoles and remote controls. Dust can usually be removed with a soft cloth.

Then you can wipe it down using a microfibre cloth that’s been lightly sprayed with water. For the small areas between buttons or keys, a cotton bud should do the trick.

Let the disinfectant sit

Understandably, a lot of people consider the effectiveness of disinfectant to be reliant entirely on the ingredients.

However, there’s another crucial factor: just how much time it gets to do its job. This is also referred to as ‘contact time.’ When you use a product that claims it can kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, it’s best to leave it to work for up to three minutes.

Make the most of a two-step method

When it comes to surfaces in your bathroom, counters in your kitchen and tabletops, it’s best to use a two-step cleaning method then disinfecting.

There are a few ways you can go about cleaning. First, you can spray distilled white vinegar on the surface, then use a clean cloth to wipe it down.

Alternatively, you can dip a cleaning cloth in detergent then wring it out before using it to wipe. Finally, you can also use warm water paired with a microfibre cloth.

Remember the surfaces that are “high-touch”

It’s practically a no-brainer to clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces alongside the toilet. However, there are several other germ hotspots in your home.

Don’t forget the likes of the bannisters of your stairs, door handles, light switches and even the handle of your kettle.

deep cleaning home

Cleaning Services in Northern VA | Blanca Clean Services


The coronavirus pandemic has made it more important than ever to pay attention to good hygiene.

Cleanliness and the prevention of germs spreading are critical in the fight against COVID-19. Aside from personal hygiene, this also counts towards our homes.

Use a two-step method wherein you clean, disinfect, let the disinfectant sit and don’t overlook shared devices.

Better yet, work with a company offering professional cleaning services for homes so you won’t have to worry about missing a spot and focus on more important matters.

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