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When you hire a house cleaning company, they should take special care to explain that there is a difference between the first cleaning they do and every cleaning thereafter.

Even if you’ve had a professional cleaner before, the first time a new company comes into your home, they will likely take up to three times longer with the initial clean than any follow up cleanings you have.

A deep clean on the first clean is crucial to allow your residential cleaning team to work faster in the future and for your home to always look its best.

Whether or not you’ve had a professional house cleaning, your home has been cleaned before. The fact that the first cleaning takes so much longer is not a comment on your house cleaning skills, but rather a necessary step to exceed your expectations.

Your home cleaning company wants to ensure that you get the clean and healthy environment you’re paying for.

So you know what to expect, here are the areas your professional cleaner will focus on during your first cleaning.

First House Cleaning Focus: Hallways and Entryways

So much dirt and grime enter your home right through your front door. Even if everyone who comes into your home takes off their shoes, there’s still a surprising amount of dirt that sits in your entryway. Your residential cleaners will give extra attention to:

  • Rugs in the entryway
  • Floors
  • Corners and baseboards

First House Cleaning Focus: Kitchen

Have you ever noticed that when you host a gathering of friends and family, everyone always migrates to the kitchen? So much of our lives happen in the kitchen, and you probably clean it daily— but you probably don’t manage to get to all the nooks and crannies.

The first time your new cleaners come, they will focus on these areas in the kitchen:

  • Cabinet doors, handles, and countertops
  • Grease buildup and dust on the hood/backsplash
  • Deep cleaning the buildup around faucets and base of the sink
  • Exteriors of appliances (inside cleaning usually requires a separate charge)
  • Microwave, inside and out
  • Stovetop
  • Corners and edges of floors
  • Baseboards
  • Light fixtures
  • Light switches and telephones

First House Cleaning Focus: Bathrooms

If you could pick a room in your home for your house cleaning cleaners to focus on, the first word out of your mouth would probably be the bathroom, and it is no wonder why.

We get clean in the bathroom, but that almost always leaves it dirty. Your cleaners will give some good scrubbing to the bathroom in order to:

  • Remove buildup around base of sink and faucets
  • Eliminating hard water stains on sinks, showers, toilets, and bathtubs
  • Clean the toilets, including the back, base, and around the connections
  • Dusting towel racks
  • Dusting light fixtures and switches
  • Deep cleaning edges and corners of floors
  • Cleaning baseboards

First House Cleaning Focus: Living Rooms and Bedrooms

When someone calls and says they are about to drop by, you might have time to quickly sweep or vacuum; if you’ve got a few extra minutes, you might even run a mop over your floors.

The cleaning you will get the first time your house cleaning team comes will be just a bit different. In addition to those tasks, they will focus on:

  • Cleaning and dusting knick-knacks, picture frames, and wall art
  • Cleaning /vacuuming under the chair and couch cushions
  • Removing books from shelves and cleaning the shelves
  • Dusting lamps and light fixtures
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Wiping window blinds by hand

First House Cleaning Focus: Utility/Laundry Room

A full cleaning of your utility room and laundry room is a great first clean focus. Your laundry creates an awful lot of dust. This can be tracked throughout your home.

Your house cleaning team will focus on:

  • Complete wipe down of the washer and dryer (outside only), as well as vacuuming around the machines with crevice tools
  • Eliminating buildup around faucets and base of sinks
  • Wiping down cabinet handles and doors

First House Cleaning Focus: Odds and Ends

Your hose cleaning team will even get to those things you maybe haven’t thought of cleaning for a while. They might use a ladder to get to high ledges, ceiling fans, chandeliers, top shelves of book cases, and any other dust collecting area that may be up high.

They will even wipe down woodwork like door frames, chair rails, and wainscoting. Tile grout will be scrubbed, trash cans will be wiped out. All the different areas of your home that you likely don’t get to often will be scrubbed clean on your first cleaning.

All visits by your house cleaning team after the initial deep clean will go much faster, and your home will stay cleaner because of this first clean. Some things that are done on the first house cleaning will be done periodically, but they won’t all have to be done at the same time again.

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