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If you’ve ever considered weekly house cleaning services, but you’ve put off hiring professional cleaners, now is a better time than ever to schedule weekly cleanings.

One of the easiest ways to achieve all these things? With regular house cleaning sessions, done by a trained professional.

You may think you’re saving money or time when you only hire your cleaning company for monthly or occasional professional cleanings, but the time and money saved with reduced fees for weekly or bi-weekly cleanings can add up– and change the way you live your whole life.

So how can weekly house cleaning services revolutionize your life? Let’s take a look!

weekly house cleaning service

By Saving You Money In Cleaning Fees

You might have thought, “Fewer cleanings, less money spent,”

Think again.

Many times hiring a cleaning service to come in monthly results in a higher fee. Since so much time has passed between professional cleanings, there is more to be done when a cleaning company comes in to clean at the start of each month.

When this happens, it requires more of a “detail cleaning,” which can take 2 to 3 times as long as a weekly cleaning might.

When you hire a cleaning company to perform a weekly house cleaning service, there is less to do.

Because maintenance cleanings and upkeep are performed each week, each visit takes less time –and less work– to get your home cleaned to a sparkling shine.

The average cost of cleaning service varies based on how frequently your service comes.

According to Angie’s List, a weekly cleaning schedule nationwide can average between $160 and $220 per visit– and this is true of cleaning services in Indiana, too.

However, a whole-house deep cleaning after a few months with no cleaning service can cost anywhere from $250 to $400!

Since a weekly visit means easier cleanings, cleaning companies are able to charge you less money. So sure, you may be paying for more visits, but each visit costs you much less than a monthly or one-time cleaning would cost.

By Saving You Time

On average, Americans spend approximately 6 hours per week cleaning, with 28% of Americans spending 7 or more hours straightening their homes.

That’s a lot of time that could be spent doing something else.

When you hire a weekly house cleaning service to clean your home bi-weekly, you save between 12 and 14 hours of time each month, or somewhere between 156 and 182 hours of time every year. That’s almost a week each year!

That time only increases when you hire a cleaning company to come weekly. You save between 312 and 364 hours per year, or around 15 days every year!

Your time costs money. With this time saved, you could spend more time earning money at work, or spend more time pursuing your passions, or with your family. Can you put a price on extra time reading with your children, or helping them with their homework?

What could you do with the time equivalent of 15 extra days each year?

weekly house cleaning service

By Giving You Time To Focus On The Household Tasks You Actually Enjoy

Everyone has chores at home they love– just like we all have other jobs we would rather avoid. When you hire a weekly house cleaning service, you can let professional cleaners take care of the dirty work.

A weekly house cleaning service frees up your time to tackle other tasks at home.

Maybe you are hoping to clean out and organize the garage, but you just can’t find the time.

Or perhaps you are ready to rid your closet or dresser of all the clothes that no longer spark joy and donate them to a local shelter?

When you hire professional cleaners in Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, Mclean, Herndon, Chantilly, Aldie, and all of Northern VA to clean the soapy grime from your tub, or dust your bookshelves each week, you have more time to iron clothes, cook healthy meals (or even meal prep!), pay bills, or clean out the fridge more frequently.

You have more time to accomplish the tasks you mean to do each week, but seem to run out of time to complete them.

Suddenly, all those items on your to-do list that you wish you had time for, you can conquer every week!

By Keeping You Accountable

If too much time passes between cleanings, it’s easy to let clutter accumulate, and messes to grow. Think about how much time you spend cleaning before the cleaners arrive when you have a monthly cleaning service.

Does it take quite a bit of time?

When you have a weekly house cleaning service schedule, or even a bi-weekly cleaning service, you don’t end up with as much clutter, and you don’t have so many messes that sprout up between cleanings, because less time has passed.

Another reason?

A weekly house cleaning service is an investment. Your family is much more likely to protect that investment by picking up messes in between cleanings when you have professional cleaners coming each week.

By Giving You A Fresh Start Each Week

When you hire a weekly house cleaning service, you get to come home to a clean home, and actually enjoy it.

The baseboards are dust-free, the air is fresh with the scent of (environmentally-friendly) cleaning products, and your countertops are clean and clutter-free.

And a clean, clutter-free home? It’s much better for your brain.

Think of each weekly or bi-weekly cleaning like a fresh start. It’s the ultimate in self-care. And it’s been scientifically proven that a messy home makes it harder to focus on important tasks.

Instead, a clean home gives you peace of mind. It’s a safe-haven even when life becomes chaotic. So take care of your mental health, and give yourself a clean home to return to each week– you deserve it.

At Blanca Clean Services, we pride ourselves in making the lives of our clients simpler, and their homes cleaner, by working with them on a weekly basis– that’s why we do what we do.

We believe that your time at home should be spent with your family instead of scrubbing the tub, and we offer a multitude of services so you are free to spend time with the ones you love.

The clients we serve are thrilled with the work we do for them each week, and we want you to be too.

Our focus is on exceptional cleaning services that won’t break the bank.

Let us take over your weekly cleaning duties. Request a quote today and get back to focusing on what really matters.