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Office Cleaning: How To Get Rid of Office Odours?

No one likes a bad smell, especially when they’re working.

Office odours can be awful to handle as they can affect the people working, impact your professional image to clients or business partners, or even impact the health of your workers.

To deal with office odours the first thing to think about is where the smell is coming from. Once you know this, a proper office cleaning plan can be put in place to clean and maintain the area and get your office smelling fresh again.

Common Sources of Bad Odours in the Office

Office odours can come from a wide range of different locations in your office. Below are the most common areas:

Office Bathrooms

Office bathrooms are often the first thing we think of when discussing office odours. Dirty toilets, unwashed sinks, urinals and blocked drainage will all lead to bad smells that are unpleasant – especially for those situated closest.

Kitchen and Breakout Rooms

Odours from kitchen and breakout rooms can stem from a certain food being cooked, bins not being regularly taken out or blocked drains.

Smoke smells and grease are other common smells for office kitchens, all of which will over time permeate into fabric-based items such as carpets or sofas.

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HVAC systems

Your HVAC systems might not be the first place you’d think to locate the source of foul odours in your office – but it should be. It is common for mould to grow in vents and ducts due to high levels of moisture which will give out a damp, foisty smell.


Blocked drains are a common issue for offices and could definitely be the source of foul, sewage-type odours.

Further damage can then be caused as blocked drains can also lead to burst pipes if not handled quickly. Food scraps, grease, sanitary products or wet wipes are all common offenders when it comes to blocked drains.


Carpets are key areas within your office that trap odours.

Over time the odours in your office will seep into your carpets causing them to smell – something that can be difficult to get rid of without a deep clean.

Cooking, spillages, moisture and mildew can all be the cause of a bad smelling carpet.

Regular Office Cleaning

Your first port of call when dealing with odours should be regular office cleaning and sanitizing.

To ensure the best possible clean, you should use a professional cleaning company such as Blanca Clean Services in Northern VA.

Our professional cleaners are fully trained to perform cleaning tasks that would otherwise be missed or performed incorrectly by non-professionals.

Regular office cleaning involves the everyday cleaning practices that help to keep things smelling fresh.

This could involve things like chair cleaning, sterilization of surfaces, making sure toilets and kitchen areas are clean and so on.

Cleaning floors and hoovering will also help to keep things smelling fresh.

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Deep Office Cleaning

Another key way to keep on top of foul office odours is to perform regular deep office cleaning.

Odours can stem from a wide range of different areas within your office space so deep cleaning allows you to find the deeper rooted causes.

Deep cleaning includes a wide range of practices such as cleaning of fabrics like carpets and furniture, cleaning toilets and kitchen areas.

A full deep clean should be carried out at regular intervals throughout the year depending on your requirements.

A good cleaning company will be able to discuss this with you to develop a fully comprehensive deep cleaning plan for the future.

Easy Ways to Help With Odours

Basic, regular office cleaning practices are a good way of keeping on top of certain office odours.

Staff should make a conscious effort to keep spaces clean as they go, making sure to do the general clean-up tasks that they would at home.

Ensure bins are taken out regularly, don’t allow used kitchen items to sit and open windows where possible to allow your rooms to breathe.

You should also use office air fresheners in toilets, kitchens and office areas.

Regular office sanitizing such as the wiping down of surfaces will help to keep the majority of spaces smelling clean and fresh.

This is a quick fix and can be carried out easily by staff during their day.

Wipe down kitchen worktops, eating areas and desks using an antibacterial spray to keep them smelling fresh, and to boost the overall hygiene of your office space.

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