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At Blanca Clean Services, we’re as meticulous as we can be when it comes to house cleaning services. Then again, it’s our job. So we’re well-versed in scrubbing the most overlooked spots in house cleaning.

House Cleaning: Top 12 Missed Spots

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably forgetting to clean at least a few items as often as you should. Most of us have at least one or two spots in our home — if not more! — that we forget to clean completely. Thankfully, it’s never too early to start cleaning the following twelve areas.


Baseboards can be impractical and uncomfortable to clean. But they’re one of the worst spots for dust and dirt build-up in your home. So, make sure they’re cleaned each week.

Washing Machine.

Some homeowners are surprised to learn their washing machine doesn’t wash itself. But believe it or not, you should clean your washing machine every month.

Toothbrush Holder.

Most people don’t do a great job of getting their toothbrush clean after brushing. The result is some seriously germy and easy-to-miss gunk in your toothbrush holder.

Door Frames.

It’s easy to forget dust build-up on the top of your door frames. One wipe with a microfiber cloth will show you just how much dust you’ve been missing up there.

TV Remote.

TV remotes are some of the grimiest household objects thanks to a residue of oil, dirt, and skin on buttons and casings. Wipe remotes down weekly with microfiber cloths.

House Plants.

House plants naturally clean the air in your home, but they can’t clean the dust from off their leaves. Give them a gentle dusting to remove the dust particles they attract.


Some curtains are machine-washable, but many need specialty cleaning. This is no reason to skip them during spring and fall cleaning since they attract tons of dust and dirt.


Like your washing machine, it seems like the dishwasher should be washing itself. Run a cycle with a cup of vinegar each month to get rid of mineral deposits and soap scum.


Computers and their peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.) have the same problem as TV remotes: generating grimy build-up from contact with greasy, dirty fingers.

Ceiling Fans.

If you don’t remind yourself they’re there, it’s easy to forget that ceiling fans collect plenty of dust. Give them a weekly dusting to keep dust from re-entering the air.

Salt & Pepper Shakers.

These can go years without getting cleaned. That’s pretty concerning, when most families use them every day for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Your Home’s Air.

Air quality is easy to neglect, but it can have a big impact on your health. Pay attention to humidity levels, limit your use of chemical cleaning products, and use HEPA filtration vacuums to keep irritating particles out of the air.

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