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5 House Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

Wipe the slate clean! The average American cleans their home seven times a month. Yet many Americans have dirty floors and walls.

You should order cleaning services in Northern VA if you’re struggling to keep your home clean.

But professional cleaners can’t do everything for you. You need to adopt a few house cleaning tips so you don’t waste your time and money.

How can you create a cleaning routine for yourself? What areas should you spend most of your time on? What tools do you need to clean, and how do you keep those tools spotless?

Answer these questions and you can stay in control of your home for years to come.

Here are 5 essential house cleaning tips.

1. Make a Routine Out of House Cleaning

Many people wait until the end of the week to clean their houses. This can make it harder to vacuum or clean the floor, and it can encourage you to order house cleaning services when you don’t need to.

Try to do small tasks every day that make your house tidy. Clean your dishes when they get dirty and put them away.

Place a basket by your front door and put your keys and other essential items in it for easy access.

If you live in a house with other people, you should delegate tasks.

Someone should take care of cleaning the floors while another person can work on cleaning the tables.

You can switch between responsibilities so everyone knows how to clean different areas of your home.

2. Prioritize Clutter

Items on your floor can be tripping hazards. You may also lose these items if they roll underneath furniture or get stepped on.

Go through each room and remove items like clothes off the floor. You can leave furniture in its place, but you should pull the furniture away from the walls so you can go behind it to clean.

Use hanging hooks so your clothes and accessories are easily accessible. Make sure the hooks are big and sturdy so your items will not fall on the floor.

To reduce the number of items in your home, you should look through your things every few months.

You should throw out broken items that are of no use to anyone and give away things that are useful but that you no longer need.

Put these items in a box and schedule a time when you can drop them off at a thrift store or another location.

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3. Focus On High-Touch Surfaces

While you are vacuuming or disinfecting, you should prioritize areas you touch multiple times a day.

Door handles, light switches, and countertops can contain thousands of germs on them. Try to scrub these surfaces at least once every day.

A 2020 study found that cell phones are breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and viruses, including E. coli.

However, you should turn your devices off and avoid spraying antibacterial cleaners directly onto them. The moisture can damage your device.

Spray a small amount of your cleaner onto a microfiber cloth. Wipe the cloth over your electronic device, then leave the cleaner on for a few minutes. You can then wipe a dry cloth over it to remove any excess moisture.

Many people think their tubs and showers are clean because they use water and soap while they are bathing or showering. In reality, these areas can contain a lot of bacteria as well as mold spores.

Clean your tub and shower head at least once a month, and be on the lookout for mold. Signs of mold include a foul odor and green or black spores.

Inhaling mold can lead to an allergic reaction, so you should hire cleaning services to remove the spores.

4. Be Strategic With How You Move

When you vacuum or sweep, you should move in a deliberate fashion. This lets you cover the entire floor without missing areas or sweeping debris away from you.

Pick a corner of the room and then move forward, vacuuming or sweeping along the wall. Then go in a straight line and continue sweeping until you’ve moved through the whole room.

Keep going until you have the entire floor covered.

Do not forget to vacuum underneath your couch, bed, desk, and other furniture. You should also vacuum inside closets.

Cobwebs and dust can gather on your ceiling, so you should vacuum the ceiling at least once a week. It’s okay if you can’t reach the far corners, but try to get as much done as possible.

You should follow a step-by-step guide to clean your bedroom. Start with your windows and mirrors and then work away from them, cleaning your closet and dresser.

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5. Be Diligent With Your Cleaning Tools

You should gather all of your cleaning tools in a bucket or caddy. It’s okay if you can’t fit everything, but try to put in your antibacterial spray, wipes, and gloves. Store your vacuum, broom, and dustpan nearby.

Do not forget to remove your vacuum bag. Before you start vacuuming, you should look inside it and replace it if it is almost filled.

You may want to inspect the hose to see if anything is caught inside.

You should also clean your broom and mop, removing any debris caught in the bristles.

Clean these tools at least once a month. If you need a new broom or map, call a maid cleaning service and ask a representative what they use.

Figure Out Great House Cleaning Tips

This house cleaning tips can transform your life as well as your home. You should make a routine out of doing small tasks every day.

Start with getting clutter off the floor and then try cleaning your electronics and high-touch surfaces.

When you clean a room, you should start in one location and then move systematically. Keep your cleaning tools together so you are not going through your house gathering everything.

Remember to clean your vacuum and mop.

If you’re struggling with house cleaning, order a cleaning service. Blanca Clean Services serves the Northern Virginia area. Get a quote today.