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Clean-looking marble adds a layer of shine to your home. But cleaning marble surfaces can bring the risk of damaging these shiny slabs if you are not being careful.

There’s a good chance that you end up scratching, cracking, and smudging marble surfaces if you don’t follow the right tips to get them shiny again.

Fortunately, we have outlined a few cleaning hacks to bring the shine back to marble surfaces:

4 Tips For Cleaning Marble Surfaces

Marble walls

Your shower walls may need cleanup from soap scum and hard water stains.

Use a squeegee or microfiber cloth to remove water droplets from marble shower walls.

You can then use a mix of warm water and alcohol in a spray bottle to take care of soap scum. Remember to do this daily for squeaky clean walls.

Marble countertops

Don’t rely on heavy-duty cleaners like bleach or Windex when cleaning marble surfaces like your countertops. Just remember to wipe up spills quickly and don’t use anything acidic like vinegar either.

Use mild solutions like warm water and a few drops of castile soap on a damp piece of cloth when wiping them down.

It will get them clean in no time and without any risk of damage to the marble.

cleaning marble surfaces

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Marble flooring

Dirt removal is essential when it comes to cleaning your marble flooring. Frequent cleanup also prevents dust and grit from building up.

If you use a vacuum, make sure that its wheels and brush head do not have leftover debris that could scratch and smudge the flooring,

Otherwise, use a microfiber mop dipped in warm water and mild soap to do the job.

Apply protection to your marble surfaces

Try applying some kind of protection to keep your marble surfaces from being smudged or damaged.

Don’t allow surfaces to remain wet. Try to clean up spills immediately. Use mats or rugs to keep floors dry. For countertops, use coasters for drinks.

When it comes to marble surfaces, prevention is always better than the time it takes to bring back the shine to the slabs or tiles.

But in case you need help with giving your home a deep cleaning, you can always trust an experienced Northern VA cleaning services company like Blanca Clean Services!

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